Graniti Fiandre

Graniti Fiandre Maximum

graniti-fiandre     In this innovative 300x150 cm format, MAXIMUM is a material that combines the established, classical characteristics of Fiandre's top of the range porcelain stoneware, with new advantages and high technical performance: lightness and versatility.

     MAXIMUM FIANDRE EXTRALITE® combines complete design freedom with high flexibility: if on the one hand the maxi-slab drastically reduces the amount of breaks in the design unit, on the other the range of sub-formats ensures every type of requirement is met.
MAXIMUM introduces a new concept of architectural surfaces that goes beyond traditional ceramics: it allows designers to reinvent design criteria, giving them the utmost freedom and minimal constraints.

     The lower weight of the individual slab is a logistical advantage for transportation and handling at the building site, and a practical advantage in special contexts, such as laying over existing surfaces, the shipping industry, and the field of furnishing.

Calacatta A

Calacatta B

Pietra Grey


Statuario A

Statuario B

Blue Di Savoie

Mega Brown

Uni Pepper

Uni Ice